Ebu Avci
Lab Director

Senior Lecturer in Mechatronics

SFAT, College of Sciences, Massey University

Kate Andrew  
PhD Candidate    

Research Area:
micro-fabrication, molecule stretching, optical tweezers

Muhammad Rehan
PhD Candidate

Research Area:
capsule robots, medical devices, sampling gut microbiota

Nick Carlisle
PhD Candidate  

Research Area:
bio-inspired robotics, collective behaviour, light-driven micro-robots

Ben Orwin-Higgs
Undergraduate Research Student

Research Area:
automation of micro-manipulation task, protein crystal handling

Martin Allen
Undergraduate Research Student

Research Area:
micro-fabrication, micro-fluidic chips


Research Associates

Research Associate, 2021 February – 2022 January, Susav Pradhan

Summer Interns, Visitors

Summer Project, 2020 November – 2021 February, Victor Barnes

Graduate Students

Master of Engineering, 2019, Matthew Lofroth

Undergraduate Students

BE (Honours), 2021, Brian Huynh

BE (Honours), 2021, Jack Downing

BE (Honours), 2021, Andrew Kemp

BE (Honours), 2020, Sid Venkatesh

BE (Honours), 2020, Nick Carlisle

BE (Honours), 2020, Andrew Yeo

BE (Honours), 2019, Ben Lewis

BE (Honours), 2019, Hamish Penny

BE (Honours), 2018, Syahir Suhaimi

BE (Honours), 2018, Denver Hayward

BE (Honours), 2017, Harry Allom

BE (Honours), 2017, Daniel Crimp

BE (Honours), 2017, Matthew Lofroth

BE (Honours), 2016, Salem Al-Sallal

BE (Honours), 2016, Braden Cradock